Data Visualization and Communication with Periscope Data

Periscope Data

The owner of Periscope Data Since. Periscope Data is a business-related intelligence platform that provides contribution and support to the various famous data warehouses and databases. The transformation process of data is performed by the application of SQL, R, Python and is achieved and performed by the technical analysts. The periscope data also help in boosting the various number of certification related to security for example HIPPA-HITECH is one of the famous examples so far. This tool is well known as a business analytics and intelligence platform for modern business. The tool allows the users to build a connection between the data derived from multiple sources and provide the tools that are important for analysis and formation of the important visuals to share and exchange with the leading and participating team. Sisense has made an announcement that they have acquired and owned Periscope Data for creating complete data science and analytics platforms for the clients. The organizations and companies did not allow to provide the disclosure to the finances and budgets acquired. Sisense has given the combination of values, technology and a team of Periscope Data that gives the industry’s most suitable and strengthen query solutions for the builders of the analytic applications which is going to help the business organization to achieve growth and success in bringing out the best data transformation methods. By the unification of the analytic builders, this process and goals can be achieved. The major focus and light have permitted Periscope Data to achieve winning side many awards for client support and service while Sisense is found to achieve around 100 per cent excellent rating from customers surveyed in Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence.

Do you want a Periscope account?

So here we can help you in guiding how to create an account in Periscope. For accessing the data dashboard the user needs to login into the periscope account online to make request data, select the sending data request available below the initial first dots the user can find at the top of the dashboard. Once the request is achieved the user will be able to visualize the dashboard on the respective page followed by the downloading process of the users’ data by making a selection of the download data file. Periscope data gives an industry-leading domain for the analysis of the complexity of data that would permit teams for experimenting with different approaches such as machine learning and other advanced level processes for the process of unlocking any type of new value from the older ones.

Periscope is a pride analytics platform that makes the implementation process fast and easy so the business is allowed to perform work activities for making reports and visualizations of the data. It allows the unification process of separated data sources and further carries out the analysing process in SQL, R and Python. Each person involved in a business will obtain the ability for making a decision that is data-driven with various level of user access assigned to it.

Features of Periscope data

Serial Number Type Description
1 Data Engine

It helps in conduction quest performance quickly

2 User Management

It has the controlling ability to visualize things


It offers self-service facilities

4 R-Programming

It offers self-service facilities

5 Python

It offers self-service facilities

6 Data Discovery

Extraction of data from different sources

7 Sharing Insights

Distribution of data analytics through email, direct links or slack

8 Data Visualization

Range of visualizing application is available such as through maps, charts, statically approach such as graphs and plots, etc.

SQL (Structured Query Language)

SQL is a domain-specific language that is applicable in designing and programming for the management of data that is being held in a database known as a relational database management system or it is also managed for the processing activities in a stream in a relational data stream management system. This application is specifically used in the handling of structures data that is termed as data acquiring relations among the variables and entities. SQL also offers many advantages amongst which the two most important are for writing APIs such as VSAM and ISAM. SQL was at very first gain the introduction to the conceptual approach for accessing multiple records with any single command. Structured Query Language is a special language that performs deletion, updating and requesting information from the databases. SQL is the standard language for a database system in a relational form. SQL is a standard language for the process of manipulation, storing and retrieving data in databases.


R is a program based language and is freely available software developed by Robert Gentleman and Ross Ihaka in the year 1993. R processed is an extensive form of graphical and statistical processes. This language also includes linear regression, algorithms for machine learning, time series and statistical inference to name them. Many of the R libraries are written in R language despite heavy computational based tasks and activities such as the application of C, C++ and other codes are preferred. Data analysis with R in different series of steps that includes transforming, programming, modelling, discovering and communicating the results.

  1. Program: R is an accessible and clear programming based tool.
  2. Discover Investigation of the data, refinement of hypothesis followed by the analysis of them.
  3. Model: R gives a broad range of array of tolls for capturing the model for the respective data.
  4. Transform: It helps in the collection of different libraries that are being designed in a specified manner for data science.
  5. Communication: It helps in the integration of codes, outputs, graphs for reporting with R or building shiny applications for sharing with the world.


Python is broadly applied for basic and general purposes and is a high-level programming language. Python permits programming in Procedural and Object-Oriented Paradigms. Python programs are on a general basis are smaller and short when compared with other programming languages such as Java. Python is run on a system that works as an interpreter which means the code can be further executed after it is formed or written. This part means that prototyping can be easier and quicker to access. Python is defined to be treated in a process-based approach such as functional and object-oriented way.