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“Technology is best when it brings people together” this statement by Matt Mullenweg correctly summarizes the motto of our company. Our people have joined hands and came together for providing the best technological services. We aim for success and we are achieving our desired aims. We are hustling for the bigger goal of giving our services to maximum people and fulfill their interests. With the development in technology, our services are also developing with the modern era to meet all of the requirements of people.

We are professionals working for you in a friendly environment to provide the best services of information technology to you at your convenience. Our founder MR. ABC has provided the platform for many aspiring young people to showcase their talent. Avyato has seen so many ups and downs a journey like that of a roller coaster ride. But our happy customers always give us inspiration for continuing services and expanding the platform.

Working like a flexible company, we have achieved a good position in the market. Metaphorically our aim is for the sky and we are trying to make our ends meet to achieve this goal. Our team which includes all the co-workers, helpers, founders, and customers is trying hard to make us stand the best among all of our competitors who are providing technical services.

Avyato is all about providing the best service as per the convenience and need of customers.


“A service provided to the business in a way a particular business needs it.” Often many people confused IT services with the small tasks of removing the virus, installing anti-virus. But IT services are not confined to these scratch tasks. Usually, when a business is started there are certain services that the owner is not aware of in regards to technology. IT services help the founder to know about the software and their working for the better functioning of their business. These services not only give technological advancement to the business but also reduce the stress upon the mind of a hired person.

Avyato provides a range of IT services, the description of them is mentioned below. We aim for higher technological advancement for your company.

Cloud Services: Business works on record and data. The age-old concept of recording the data manually was replaced by computer storage, hard drives. But all these come with limited storage and have a high possibility of getting damaged. Cloud services thus came as a need of an hour for the business. The data of the company. The data s stored with unlimited storage by the server with limited access. This maintains the security of data and helps the company to reduce the stress of maintaining and keeping records safely, thus leading to the reduction in capital investment.

Back up and Disaster recovery: What if the data is lost? This question usually haunts the mind of founders. The situation of natural calamity and certain disasters can not only harm the financial aspect of the business but also can result in the loss of all the data. The possible solution for this situation to not harm the business is using the 3-2-1 rule. This is the simple rule where data is stored locally in drives, then in work computers, and at last at the servers of cloud computing. This ensures that data is stored in a three-layered protected system. Many small businesses or start-ups opt for cloud servicing for their data storage. At an economical rated your data is stored and can be accessed from anywhere.

Network security: What if the data is stolen? With the advancement in technology, hackers and cyber thieves have also expanded their network and can easily access to data of a particular company. Can IT services help users in this? Well, the answer is yes. Avyato is providing its customers with network security. It is a fact that every coin has two faces and so the internet too. But the real question is that how one can reduce the negative ones. Network security help in that providing strict encrypted data storage with limited access. The services such as fire-falls, web filtering, patch management will help to keep the data securely. In addition to this or service provided will keep the regular check on the data and security of data.

Help desk support: In a business that does not have a separate house IT team this service from IT can help the business owners a lot. From the title, it is clear that this is a help desk. A common platform that satisfies many needs and demands of a business. To be precise about the help desk it is a single point for the users that find problems with troubleshooting computers, printers, networks, wifi, etc. These are the common problems that occur occasionally and hinder the growth of the company. IT services will help in decreasing these glitches in the company.

Managed Print Services: MPS or managed print service is the IT service that will help in coordinating all the printers, scanners, copiers, and such devices. It will maintain and oversee the need for part or hardware related to these services in the business. This service will also monitor the usage of each device in the business. The company will have everything they need in this respect before the deadline.

Computer training: The hurdle of maintenance and updating the software is a cakewalk with IT. service. With the updated software it is always easy to reduce the workload and heighten the efficiency of human resources. But the important task after the successful installation of the new software is using it. The computer training service will help in arranging the training sessions for the employees for updated software and other IT related service.

IT Consulting: Large IT-based projects or technical plans which sometimes became a matter of stress can easily be tackled by IT services. Businesses do not always require a separate IT department. Bt if the task of information technology cannot be handled by the employees, the IT service provider can help the company in this matter.

With all these IT services Avyato Pvt ltd is helping many businesses to grow and prosper. Our experts have professional experience in providing help in IT services. We are always there to help you. You just need to register yourself on our website or you can call us at the given number.


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